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180gr's Session at Testaccio Market, Rome.

About Market

Up until its reclamation and the new urban planning that started after 1870 the area was inhabited by poor farmers and peasants despite lying within the city walls. It was subject to flooding by the river Tevere and ravaged by malaria, which was spreading at the gates of Rome. After 1870 the area, along with that covering Via Ostiense up to San Paolo cathedral was allocated to heavy industrial activity and facilities such as the railways, the slaughterhouse, and the gasworks, which was moved there from Circo Massimo.

Line Up: Giorgio Gigli, Les Inferno, Luis Radio, Mary Gehnyei, Matisa, Prins Thomas
Date: 20-10-2017

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Live at the market

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Les Inferno

Mary Gehnyei

Giorgio Gigli

Luis Radio

Prins Thomas

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