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About Market

The Fadini market is a historical reality of the city of Taranto, in Puglia (Italy).

The city stretches along three natural peninsulas and an artificial island, the latter’s historic nucleus, formed during the construction of the Aragonese moat. The city of the two seas must attribute this attribute to the Great Mar and the Small Mar, around which a great number of settlements arise.

The Fadini Market is covered, it has a very well articulated structure, and has lots of different types of dishes: from classic fruits and vegetables to fresh fish caught in the tarantino gulf.

Line Up: Biagio Laneve, Cosimo Colella, Dcdj Soulmind, Martino Recchia
Date: 19-11-2016

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Dcdj Soulmind

Cosimo Colella

Biagio Laneve

Martino Recchia

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