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About Market

The Esquiline Market (formerly Piazza Vittorio) is the most multiethnic and international of the Rumanian markets. Among vegetables, spices and even fabrics from around the world, traders bring a part of their culture to the capital.

Colors, smells and flavors from around the world gathered under the roof covering this international bazaar. Between the merchants and entering the market, it is welcomed by a blade of blades and knives sharpened by the local butcheries. It is the rhythm of the market that is the backdrop to shouts and callers of traders who invite customers to approach the desk. In fact, it is impossible to walk between the various goods without being called by any seller who is beyond the counter. Most determined leave the post to show their nuts of fresh macadamia or papaye close up. Fish, meat but above all vegetables and spices from everywhere. India, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, China, each country responds to the appeal by presenting its typical products.

Line Up: Claudio Coccoluto, Cosmo, Iacopo Vocci, Valerio!, Woody Bianchi
Date: 3-2-2017

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Claudio Coccoluto


Woody Bianchi

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