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180gr's Session at Mercato Coperto - Trieste (Italy)

About Market

Trieste’s Covered Market was built as a gift from Sara Davis, daughter of a rich English business man, to the venderigole, the women selling from market stalls in the streets of Trieste. Sara had noticed the hard life, beneath the sun and exposed to the strong Bora wind, of the women working at the market in Piazza Goldoni. Thanks to her bequest the Municipality of Trieste built the current market, designed by architect Camillo Iona.

Line Up: Fabrice b2b Andrea Gemolotto, Gianluca Bonfini, Marieu
Date: 20-10-2017

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Live at the market

Video Full Sets

Fabrice b2b Andrea Gemolotto

Marieu from The Analogue Cops

Gianluca Bonfini

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