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Street talk

Getting the true essence

People, Stories, Old Sayings and Traditional Recipes.

Humans of 180gr attempts to portray the true face of local markets through the people who are there every day, generation after generation.

We like to learn people’s recipes in their own dialect, hear them talk about the produce of the land that’s hosting us. We try to paint a picture that’s as accurate as possible of what, according to us, is the heart of it all.

Grandma's favorite recipes - Naples
History speaks, everything else is boring - Naples
I am the mama of this market - Istanbul
How to cook Turkish artichokes - Istanbul
It's called ``all'acqua pazza`` - Salerno
Audiosolution Mixer Lab - Vicenza
Tuna with rag├╣ - Palermo
Ballar├▓ olives - Palermo
Marsala Products - Palermo
The soul of market - Naples
Delicious local anchovies - Salerno
Lello from Torrione Market - Salerno
Assunta and her Cows - Avellino
No Salt - Lecce
Garlic, oil and hot pepper - Naples