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Music Lovers

60 seconds of pure groove

Digging, digging, and digging some more. Just like a truffle dog. Like a drill digging for gold. And right when we’re about to lose hope, when our fingertips have had enough, there comes the record that will make our day. It is those moments of pure happiness that we want to share with you. 60-second clips showing you the music we like best, immersed in the beauty of the landscape.

Amalfi Coast

Livy Ekemezie – Classic Lover
Blair ‎– Nightlife
Hugh Masekela - Give It Up


Charly Kingson ‎– Born In Africa
Don Bruce - Afro Disco
Javaroo ‎– Breakin' In

Paestum Temples

Kerri Chandler - Mommy What's A Record
Ron Trent Pres. TKumah Sadeek ‎– In Time
Geraldo Pino - African Hustle


Aleke Kanonu - Home Sweet Home
Godfrey Odili - You Do Good, You Do For Yourself
Debbie Hayes & The Universal Robot Band - Let's Get This Thing Together


Enlightment ‎– Faith Is The Key
Thom Janusz ‎- Crystals
The Mighty Zaf ‎– Let Him Down


NG Theme by Nu Guinea
Walter Murphy - Afternoon Of A Faun
Junko Ohashi - Feel So Fine


Marta Acuna - Dance, dance, dance
Acid Pauli - Marvin
James Mason - I Want Your Love

180gr's Headquarter

Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love `{`Made In Detroit Mix`}`
Earth People - Dance
Davina - Don't you Want It


Master Force - Don't Fight The Feeling
Painel De Controle - Relax
Christy Essien Igbokwe - Rumors